Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alan Jackson Concert

I completed this two page layout over the weekend but didn't get around to taking pictures until tonight.  We had a fantastic time at the concert.  I won money at the casino after the show.  Our room was fantastic and the food/drinks were great!  We need to do more of those short little trips...


October Tag

Halloween is just around the corner and that inspired me to do a funky little Halloween tag for my October tag.  Now I have to go back and work on August and September.  Or maybe I will do a November tag.  So many decisions...

Friday, October 12, 2012


I am working on completing a tag for every month of the year.  
I know, I am really behind....

 June Tag

July Tag

Happy Mail

Happy Mail!      Happy Mail!       Happy Mail!      Happy Mail!
Look what I received today!!!  Can't wait to start playing....

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Michigan Visit

I loved the leaf designed paper from Embellished It.  I cut the decorative circle using the Lucky 8 punch. Love those punches!  I found the perfect pictures from October 2007 - I can't believe I went that far back when I was organizing and selecting pictures I wanted to scrapbook.  This was the first visit to meet our new grandson Miles in Michigan.  Alan and I had fun at the school swinging with Maddie his older sister.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lizzy's Visit

My oldest granddaughter flew to Texas for a visit.  This was the first time she had flown and she did it all by herself.  So proud of her and we had so much fun.  Lots of spoiling going on that week, but I think she did get just a little homesick...

Here's Dad getting his little girl all checked in at the airport and the family waiting for her to board.  She's off and grandma is waiting to pick her up in Texas!  

Some pampering for grandma's girl.

Swimming almost everyday and definitely played darts everyday!  This kid can hit more bull's eyes than a pro...  
I still haven't figured out how she can sleep in that position!

And to top the week off - we visited the salon for a cut and style!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Organize, Simplify and Catch Up!!!

OK - I signed up for this organizational class a few weeks ago.  

The first assignment was to organize your pictures, either the printed pics or your digital folders.   I spent several nights going through folders and organizing my pics like a good student.  

Next assignment was to organize your craft supplies.  Well, that would have been a major undertaking to reorganize my craft supplies to the suggested design.  I happen to like the way I have my room organized so I sorta skipped that step.  I did however sort my paper and label several items.  

The next assignment was to determine which pictures you would truly scrapbook.  The statement made by the teacher was - 'you should pick out 1 or 2 pictures of the grandchild eating an ice cream cone and file the other 998 pictures away'...  The assignments are getting harder and harder - this one almost put me over the edge...  But I finally narrowed my pictures down. 

As I sat in my craft room this week and looked at all the supplies I had piled on the shelves.  And knowing that I had a lot of pictures that I felt I just had to put in scrapbooks.  I came to the conclusion the only way to accomplish this task was use all the kits that I have accumulated over the past few years from Convention classes, Private Reserves or kits that I have picked up at the local scrapbook stores.  

So last night I started pulling all the kits off the shelves in my craft room.  OMG - I can't believe how much space I have now.  Time to go shopping!! LOL

I will be posting pics of the finished class kits soon.  I will be scrapbooking all day on Saturday since the weather is supposed to be cold and rainy....