Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding Canvas

My daughter sent this picture to me with the comment "I look so much like you in this picture mom'.  She is absolutely beautiful in this picture - so I think that was a compliment.  So I had to do something special with this pic.  I absolutely love how it turned out!

Labor Day Retreat at Memory Lane Inn

What a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I left Thursday night and didn't come home until late Sunday afternoon. What a great group of women at this retreat!  I met some wonderful ladies and learned a lot about raising children in this day and age...  I am so glad all my children are married!!!
My plan for this retreat - be real lazy and don't pack a lot of stuff!!!  So I packed all my Quick Quotes kits from all the convention classes and Private Reserves I have attended.  I was determined to complete every kit I took.  My thought was this will be a great way to clean off some of my shelves and make room for more product...  :)  So here are a few pics of the finished pages from my weekend at Memory Lane Inn.  

Hope you enjoy!

My daughter's engagement picture. 

Looking for the perfect dress... 

And we found the perfect dress!!!

Mother and daughter!

Mother, daughter and granddaughter (old and new)

The 'Geek' Wedding Pic!

My children and their families. 
What a great group of kids and grandkids I am blessed with...

Special moments with their mom!

Watching the dance!

And the new family portrait!